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True Seven has been busy since our soft launch in Aug. of 2019.  We spent time at USA CBD in early August.  We went to Podcast Movement later in August where we linked up with PodPub and closed a deal with Self Publishing School.  August is also when we formed a partnership with our CBD manufacturers.  We shot multiple podcasts in August and finally launched a webinar.  August also represented the first day of the rest of my life.  

In the month of September we were able to finalize the logo for True Seven CBD.  September started off with the usual Podcast schedule with our largest account in addition to two more webinars.  One of the most exciting things about September was the fact that we were able to record content on vacation and conduct a live webinar without a hitch.  We did enjoy and take advantage of this much needed vacation, just after being introduced to an organization called Lifework Leadership.  We made the decision to take the Lifework Journey on the road to what we believe will transform Jacksonville.

October started out with a couple more podcasts and webinars. We’re starting to hit our stride here. As we got into October we had our Lifework Leadership Retreat. From there we rolled into a Men’s Empowerment Weekend where we were the keynote and spoke on the topic of Transitioning From Young Men To Real Men. We focused on those skills and tools necessary to take us from conventional thinking to a mature mindset. The next day on Sunday we delivered the message for Friends and Family Day at New Hoskie. The topic here was “Things Aren’t Always What They Seem.” We talked about the story of Abraham and Isaac when God instructed Isaac to sacrifice his son. What is often missed is the blessing Isaac received by being on the altar. The other focus was the story of the Good Samaritan and how the Samaritan helped a Levite (at that time a rival), when the Levite’s own religious leaders avoided and overlooked. Things Aren’t Always What They Seem. This was a powerful 4 consecutive days. We finished out October with Leadercast for our High School leaders, a dual day of Family Fitness at TPHIM, followed by Youth Skate and Fellowship at Cleveland Arms. We Closed out October with a renewed commitment to finish the book we started over a year ago.

Nov I

How many of you feel like you’re wondering through life and more times than not you don’t have it all together?  Often times you look back and realize that you didn’t have a clue and were extended a large amount of grace and favor.

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