How many of you feel like you’re wondering through life and more times than not you don’t have it all together?  Often times you look back and realize that you didn’t have a clue and still don’t have a clue.  Who has heard the phrase, “You don’t know, what you don’t know,” and when you find out that there is so much that you don’t know, you have a split second of disappointment?  You would love to stay there for a moment but you are so ambitious that you can’t let the train of that enter into your cosmos.  Well for me, today is another one of those days.  

I’ve set some interesting goals for myself and while I try to prevent myself from checking boxes and going through the motions, I’m often reminded of a statement from the current great head football coach at Vanderbilt University, Derrick Mason.  Coach Mason often says “be where your feet are.”  I’m writing this “blog post” because I put a date down on a calendar and I decided I was going to start blogging on this date.  As I sat down to get prepared to watch a movie, a reminder went off on my phone reminding me that I committed to this date.  

So here we are, I was a bit reluctant at first, yet I knew I had to honor my commitment.  As I type, I’m reminded of a statement a good friend of mine Bo Lancaster once stated, “you don’t manage the budget, the budget manages you.”  I don’t manage my calendar, my calendar manages me.  I don’t change it, I adhere to it.  With that here we are.  Back to my guy Mason, I’m going to be where my feet are.  Now I know you’re saying, “you have to be where your feet are.”  How many of us go to work but we’re worried about things at home?  How many of us get home and our thoughts are still consumed with work?  Right now, I’m “blogging” and I’m going to do my best to be present and give this entry all I have.  Not dread it because I said I “had” to do it, but enjoy it because it’s the beginning of another chapter.  I’m gonna be where my feet are.

Quickly, why we are here.  I plan to be brief and give you 2 points about me and then close.  Before I do, I want to continue with my journey here tonight…literally tonight.  When I realized I “had” to right this post (you’ll eventually understand me), the first thing I googled was “blog post.”  As you know there’s endless information on how to write, what to write etc.  It actually was overwhelming and acutely discouraging.  After I overcame that split second of dejection I pressed on and quickly managed to force browse a couple of sites.  Being an experiential learner, this perusing was wasting valuable time for me.  I decided to start typing and this is where we find ourselves.

I’ve already come up with another topic for a blog as we speak.  I won’t go into my professional history today, but I do intend to get into this in another blog.

Two points, point number one.  What?  Let’s start with the name True Seven, in the interim that’s what we’ll go by.  I recently left a 20yr career in the corporate space to gain control of my life.  Disclaimer – the views and opinions reflected in this blog are from my point of view and may not necessarily apply to you or in the same ways to you.  Now that that’s out of the way, I left because there were things I needed to do, the corporate space is for a lot of people, it just isn’t for me right now and that’s the only period of time I can speak to.  While we’re speaking specifics I do want to introduce a fitting term called efficacy.  I want to introduce this because efficacy is the ability to produce a desired or intended result.  Efficacy is often confused with effectiveness.  Effectiveness is the degree to which something is successful at producing a desired result.  I say that to say efficacy doesn’t always translate to effectiveness.  Just because something has the ability to work, doesn’t mean it will work.  Yeah, so I left and I have the ability like anyone else to do some great things yet my process may not be your process.  What can work or has worked for others may not always work.  As was being stated 20yr career and I needed something different, I needed more significant impact.  I’ve been telling people I had to make myself available for opportunities that impact situations, things, and people.

Point number two. True Seven, what does that mean, what does that represent.  As there is more to this story I will be brief as I’m coming up on my time. True Seven stands for a few words that are very personal to me and over the course of our relationship we will dig into each.  The seven things are Love, Attitude, Effort, Education, Leadership, Philanthropy, (Freestyle) Unity.  The first 6 are fairly straight forward and self explanatory, I will add color to all of them in the coming months.  The 7th, (Freestyle) Unity.  These seven terms are seven terms I either stand on or strive for.  They’ve been very impactful in my life.  I used Freestyle for the 7th term because your True Seven does not necessarily have to line up with my True Seven.  I wanted to give you the flexibility to add something in there that is important to you.  I chose unity, what will you choose.

In closing, I want to thank you for reading.  I ask for your support on this journey.  Please comment and give us feedback.  What did you like, what can we do better.  What stories do you want to hear?  What challenges are you facing?  As I’m finding beauty on this new journey I vow to share and be more transparent with you, because we are often experiencing similar life and what better way than to navigate together.  May God Bless You and We Love You.